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Loi McKinley for Cocoa Beach Commissioner

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Water Matters

Water Matters

I’ve been waiting years to save up money and move to Cocoa Beach. And then to finally get here and realize the water is toxic… is just devastating.

The health of the lagoon, the red tide we have just experienced and the toxins in our reclaimed water system are totally UNACCEPTABLE.

As your elected City Commissioner I will fight to: 

1.    Clean up and protect the lagoon

2.    Address and pursue all options for reducing and eliminating the toxins in our reclaimed water system

3.    Work tirelessly to find better cleaner greener options for Cocoa Beach

It may not be popular to ask questions or to think outside the box… but when facing these complex issues that’s exactly what needs to happen.

I’m no politican. I’m a mom who cares deeply about the environment in which we are raising our children. 

Vote for me on Nov 6 because WATER MATTERS

~Loi McKinley